What Wedding Rings Mean for You?

Whatever the decision of your man, weather he wants to wear the wedding ring or not


Wedding rings are something essential in every wedding. Couples will try to get the best rings to wear on their wedding day. But now, it seems that some couples have different views or ideas about the wedding rings. Some of them thought that the rings are something that they should have on their wedding. And the worse they also thought the most expensive for the best wedding. It’s incompletely true. This idea makes contradiction with the real meaning of rings on your wedding day.

The shape of wedding rings of course is a circle.  And actually it has meanings; it symbolizes unity, harmony, agreement, rebirth, infinity and the universe. So the rings that you have in your wedding day, it’s not only for fun or as a complement. Some of us may wonder also why the rings should we wear in our third finger, many says the third finger is ring finger.

The history says that the third finger could apply herbal medicine to the body because of the cure effectiveness would be stronger. It was also believed that in the third finger, there was a nerve that went directly to heart, that is why beside it is known as the ring finger, the third finger is also known as the heart finger. The third finger symbolizes love, faithfulness, trustworthiness and fidelity. Now you have known why the wedding ring sets should wear on the third finger.

From the history above, it’s clear now that wedding ring sets are not only the rings but they are used as a promise and also to unity between couples. So if it’s your time now to choose your wedding ring, consider that you will choose your everlasting wedding rings that only symbolize your love and devotion but also will last forever for your love each other.

There are many kinds of wedding ring sets that you can choose. The most popular material among couples is still yellow gold. But there are still many materials that you should consider, such as white gold, platinum or titanium.

No matter what materials that you choose for the rings, the one that you should think first when you choose the ring for your wedding is that you desire to wear the ring every day for the rest of your life. If you looking for your wedding ring as a jewelry to match your clothing on your wedding day, then actually you are looking for a decoration for your finger and not a symbol of everlasting love.

Wedding Rings Sets

Are planning to buy wedding rings sets for your wedding? If so there some factors that should consider.

  1. The style of wedding rings

Before you decide to buy your wedding rings sets, the first thing is about the style that you want to have. For example, if you want the rings to be worn everyday by both of you, you and your couple should not only think about the rings to be beautiful but also practical. The style should be also elegant enough to wear with most of the cloth you have. There are many wedding rings sets styles that you can choose, but the most popular one is still a classical ring with a single diamond. There are still others style you can consider, such as engraved style or a beaded edge style.

  1. Choosing the right materials for your rings

There many material options that you can consider for the rings. Although yellow gold still become the most popular choice, but you can try other materials, such white gold, platinum and titanium.

The one you should remember when you want to buy wedding rings sets, discuss about it with your couples. Make sure that the rings are the ones that both of you want to have.

Wedding Rings for Men

Wedding Rings for men is not really popular actually. It is because some men are not willing to wear the ring after they got married. This condition can be understood as there are some factors that make it happen. The most factors that become their consideration are culture. In some culture, wedding rings by men is never being considered.

Another factor is a practical consideration. And it is usually related with their job. In some jobs a ring cannot be worn on the job, and must be removed. This condition is also applied to women. Whatever the decision of your man, weather he wants to wear the wedding ring or not, try to get solution together and also respect his decision.


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