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Themed weddings have been in vogue for many decades, but recent times have lost their appeal. But in 2012, this tendency will probably be embraced by several couples. Therefore it is going to become fashionable once more to select a theme for the wedding, motif which will be discovered in each detail of their service and reception, from invitations to the reception decoration. The colors are selected, obviously, based upon the subject. Each couple will have the ability to pick their own theme according to their shared passions, how they met, etc., But if You Cannot think of any motif, here are some tips for wedding motifs :

Retro-chic — it’s a motif simple to implement and matches a spring wedding perfectly. In terms of colors, you can opt for a nice mixture of brown and pink, and the place can be adorned with old photographs of your parents’ wedding.

In the shore — With this motif use colors of turquoise, blue, green, navy blue, a few cubes, etc.. This motif is quite fresh and suitable, especially for weddings.

Rustic wedding This wedding motif can be quite special and distinctive. All you need to do would be to locate a conventional place for the wedding, in which the d├ęcor and menu are all set in place. You simply have to discover the invitations, flowers, and wedding gown to match the theme.

White and black — it’s among the most tasteful wedding motifs, and you’re able to incorporate decorations to the present decor, so think about this particular aspect. You are able to decide on white and black components or single color components to decorate.

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Carnival wedding for people who love big parties, the carnival is a fantastic idea for a wedding motif. You are able to decide on an elegant or daring wedding. Colorful masks and irregular decorations match quite well, and the meals may be among the very vibrant, which guests have observed up to now.

They may be elegant or simple, big or small. A themed wedding differs from all of the weddings and maybe equally distinguished or outrageous as you desire.


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