Wedding Music for Ceremony


Making your wedding ceremony a true original can be as easy as choosing just three special songs. This music is a reflection of you, your hopes and your dreams. Seize this opportunity to give your guests an unexpected surprise while sharing an important part of yourself with them.

The wedding ceremony music played during the actual wedding ceremony will depend on the location of the wedding. A church wedding is usually highlighted by a choir that sings hymns, accompanied by the church pianist. For outdoor wedding ceremonies, a live music band is good.

Wedding reception entertainment is important as it is an occasion to celebrate. The mood should be livelier. Hence ask the Charlotte wedding musician to play country, jazz, R&B or even rock music depending on your taste and wedding theme.

Choose a wedding musician who has experience playing at wedding ceremonies. If possible listen to their recorded music before making your final decision. Make sure that the musician has a reputation of reaching the venue well before time. Inform him about the theme of the wedding so they can decide on the music and rehearse well in advance.

The Charlotte wedding musician you hire should not only play good music which is suitable for the occasion but also add glitz and glamor to the ceremony. He should be suitably dressed for the occasion. Make sure that he plays music that is not monotonous or overwhelming since the guests wouldn’t be comfortable to dance with it. A good Charlotte wedding musician will be sure to ask you the age bracket within which the guests fall. That way, he can plan what type of music he will play.

This guide will help you choose the right accompaniment for your ceremony.

Classical music tends to be the most popular choice for wedding ceremonies. Our classical groups and soloists come in many different formats, from soloists to quartets, and they don’t only play classical music: many have a repertoire that includes specially arranged pop and folk favorites as well as classical pieces, and some will even learn a special song for you.

String quartets, harpists and classical guitarists are the most popular choice for wedding ceremonies, providing a rich, beautiful and resonant sound that will be at exactly the right volume for most venues. They can provide a diverse repertoire of time-tested classical favorites, often touching on modern songs as well. If you like classical music, but would like to try something different, a popular variation on the traditional string quartet is a wind ensemble, usually consisting of a mixture of string and woodwind instruments, such as the oboe and clarinet.

If you’d like something very different, a steel pan group or soloist can give your ceremony an exotic touch and enchant your guests. World music is becoming increasingly popular for weddings, especially for well-travelled and sophisticated guests, with folk music from various countries also making regular appearances.

For something more modern, go for a rock/pop acoustic act, such as a guitarist/vocalist or a solo pianist, playing and singing covers from the 60s to the 00s. They can blend into the background or be a main feature of your ceremony; most will be happy to learn a special song for you. See our soloists and duos page for more options, including solo pianists.

Traditional music, such as klezmer for Jewish weddings and dhol for Asian weddings, is always a popular option. See our specialist music section for more info. For a Scottish wedding, you could even hire a bagpipe player!

Classical musicians and acoustic soloists don’t need amplification, so they can move around during the ceremony and play both in and outdoors – though it’s always a good idea to make sure there is some kind of shelter in case it starts raining!

So now that you have an idea of the range of styles available, and probably a pretty good idea of what you want, how do you go about choosing the musicians to hire?

Most of our wedding musicians list their repertoire (and usually a few audio samples of them playing) on their profile pages on our website, along with a biography, photos and sometimes even videos. Many of them give extensive testimonials from their previous audiences, which can help you work out whether you would like them too.

If you’re planning to hire a wedding band for your evening reception, it might be worth finding out if they can play at the wedding ceremony as well. Many pop and rock wedding bands also provide acoustic solo or duo options; using the same musicians for both the ceremony and the reception – and perhaps even the photos and wedding breakfast – could save you money and make your planning easier!


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