Wedding Decorations Tips

why you Should opt for a Winter Wedding

With little imagination and attention you can decorate your wedding location in a very special and unique way and create experiences that guests will remember for long. Here are some creative and elegant ideas for wedding decorations.

Before you rent or buy your wedding decorations, prepare a budget for them. Set this budget depending on the size of your wedding location, theme and style, number of guests and decorative elements already present in the location where the wedding will take place. For example, if you’re working on a budget and need wedding beverage napkins, consider looking into an inexpensive online retailer like PrintGlobe. Even if you have some ideas for decorations, be open to suggestions. Other factors that need to be considered are the color scheme, your preferences, etc.

Decoration experts say that many brides come to them with ideas that reflect their personality. Flowers and floral arrangements are among the popular choices when it comes to wedding decorations. Use them to please the eyes, but do not exaggerate. Remember that the idea is to make the big day memorable.

When looking for decorating ideas, consider first the wedding bouquet. The colors and flowers of the wedding bouquet can set a general theme that you can generalize for the entire wedding decor. Moreover, consider all the potential locations for placing flowers at the reception. Some brides decorate with pots or small vases with a single flower. Others scatter rose petals around candles and on the guests’ tables.

Find ways to combine your favorite ideas for your wedding decor. For example, put round vases on stands of different sizes, add tall vases with roses to decorate the center of the table and surround the entrance door with small vases with bouquets of roses. This method offers a visual variety, keeping the rose theme.

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In addition, you can combine round tables with square tables and emphasize the center of tables with floral decorations in different sizes; use decorative elements that do not take up too much space. Seat decoration, generally, are made in the same theme with the tablecloths’ colors. Contrasts are also welcome, but you must consider an expert advice. If you prefer a wedding tent, decorate pillars with ivy or vine. In addition, you can decorate a pavilion right near your table with flowers and climbing plants.

Ice sculptures are also an alternative for wedding decorations and add elegance and romance to the grooms’ table or the Swedish buffet table. You can decorate the sculptures with freshly cut flowers. Also, you can use other unusual elements to decorate the center of tables, such as autumn leaves, mirrors or picture frames to create a unique sight.


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