Traditions in weddings: worth following or not?

Traditions in weddings

Surely you can imagine that nothing comes close in terms of importance to a wedding. Even more so, planning a wedding was often referred to as a real challenge for brides who took on the decision of handling the event all on their own.

There are so many questions that do not seem to be relevant at first, but as the event approaches and opinions keep on coming from all parts, they appear to be essential. For instance, lately, the term modern wedding has been used in various occasions. Brides are no longer interested in the following tradition, in going by the book, not even when it comes to planning the event.

It seems that brides now tend to take things simpler, to focus more on looking great, on buying the best wedding dresses, with stunning bridal garters and not necessarily on the traditions that have been considered or if the flowers look as planned.

Indeed, traditions are no longer seen as the main part of a wedding. Today, people no longer attend such events because tradition asks them too, but because they are curious because they would like to be entertained for one night or simply because they would like to dress up. Since it was previously mentioned, not many people know why the bridal garter is taken off.

There is a tradition behind it and it is quite different from what people today may make of it. Some time ago, garters were not particularly considered a sensual piece, but more of a clothing item that would keep the stocking into place. In the past women would wear garters on a daily basis, so if anything, it was a feminine piece of lingerie and nothing more.

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The tradition goes that the single man who catches the garter will be the next one to get married. As you can imagine, the whole idea of marriage was different back then and men had no issues about the topic. Today, this tradition has turned into nothing more than an entertainment moment for the guests, much like the tossing of the bouquet.

Since garters are to be displayed in front of all the guests, you can imagine why brides make such a big deal out of choosing this item. No wonder that there are so many stores, selling bridal garters of an exquisite appearance.

While old traditions tend to disappear, new ones take their place. Trashing the dress is one of the best examples there are. Women no longer hold on to their dress in the hope that their daughter or daughter-in-law might wear it. They alter it, sell it or trash it, as the tradition goes.

So, if you should be wondering what the right answer is regarding traditions, whether or not to include them in your event, then you will simply have to look at your guests, most specifically at your family members. If you know that your parents are conservative individuals, who value tradition, try to honor the right. If not, then make the best of the moment and remember that there are plenty of providers out there ready to offer you really good looking garters.


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