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Why we should Play Christian Wedding Songs on our Wedding ?

Christian Wedding Songs Lyrics

Wedding is one of the greatest moments happened to everyone’s life. This is the time when both woman and man willing to put aside their own self-esteem as well as necessity to reach togetherness. This is also a symbol of unity and commitment of two opposite sex to enter a new chapter in life. Therefore, in this very momentous episode, it’s very important to prepare it well though it takes up your most energy. One of the many things requires your attention is wedding songs. Wedding is always filled with love, joy and celebration. And joyful celebration without sound of music and song isn’t a celebration. And there’re plenty of romantic and meaningful wedding songs out there, but why must be Christian Wedding Songs for my wedding ?

Hhhmmm … or Can I just play another ?

Songs for our wedding is a matter of choice. You may choose and play as you like, but you may also consider Christian Wedding Songs for the following reasons :

#1 In modern era like today, people start to neglect the meaning and values of a marriage institution. Some would consider it as a matter of fun celebration, sharing joy and laughter together. As matter of fact, it is a serious subject, it is about a commitment. And, how to build the commitment, make it works and maintain for the rest of their life, that’s the real job to do. Furthermore, when morals, norms, religion and traditional have become a high priced issues in the community, I do believe that you are not going to take for granted your choice of songs as a nothing to loose concern. Worse, leave it till the closest of your wedding day and randomly picked and played over popular love songs on your wedding. I assume we all agree that Christian Wedding Songs present a balance between a love song and a religion song, a bridge of community and norms (religion), a bridge to celebration and solemnity, hence it should be played on our best wedding moment in life.

#2 I do believe we all agree that marriage is not the unity of two different people only, but also the unity of two different families, relatives, friends, cultures, background, not to mention different point of view and perspective. And of course, besides both individuals who willing to open their heart to accept difference, there is a mighty powers that move, meet and unite these two become one, and that would be God’s supremacy. So if you are Christian and have a strong faith on your religion, I suppose you would play your Best Christian Wedding Songs on your wedding.

#3 Wedding ceremony can be held in formal or informal occasion, indoor or outdoor atmosphere. Consequently, selection of music demands your notification. It’s not funny the kind of music heard on beach would be played on church J  And that would be ridiculous if we play drum and percussion in church instead of beach or outdoor situation. Moreover, when your wedding has a theme, western VS eastern wedding, traditional VS modern, soft VS hard-rock, then you have to carefully selective in choosing the songs that accordance and represent to the theme as well as your personality. Primary, if you plan to conduct your wedding ceremony in a church building, definitely Popular Christian Wedding Songs would be on your top list.

#4 People Christian Wedding Songs consider solemn and gloomy. Well it might be, in line with the meaning of wedding itself as a serious matter of commitment, that you can play and break it as you like. But … Don’t you know that many song writers and composers today have written and composed many Christian Songs that would suit in any type of your wedding ceremony ??? Those also offer you with beautiful and meaningful lyrics, and variant of tones and rhymes, therefore it would fit not only in processional, recessional, first dance, bouquet toss till the rest of your wedding celebration. And I assume you can always easily find the one that correspondence with your heart and spouse feeling.

And if you are not so sure which Christian Wedding Songs best for your ceremony or you are confuse with your Christian music selection, you just can simply visit your nearest record store, surf on the internet, or even call friends for suggestion


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